Dr. Sherry Nabil

Professor at Cairo University
Registered Nutritionist – The National Nutrition Institute
Member of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics – Obesity society – Network lipolysis
WOW! Weight Loss™ Practitioner


Dear Reader,

Throughout our lives we face a lot of challenges; one of the hardest is maintaining a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Fighting weight is a battle most of us go through at one point or another; we all want to look good and feel good. We try, and sometimes get stunning results; more often we are faced with depressing outcomes.

Good Day, my name is Dr. Sherry Nabil, and I’ll help you get rid of your nutritional and dieting problems; whatever you’re facing, we’ll deal with, eventually reaching a healthy balanced nutritional lifestyle.

At InShape Nutrition, we have one secret to achieve this: Customization. Each of us is unique in her/his own way, and that’s why we believe in a very personal approach to our clients.

I personally go with you through every element that could affect your weight, whether physical, psychological, habitual, and so on, helping you thoroughly understand how your body works. Together we sit and discuss to reach the best nutritional lifestyle change that better suits you; we address issues such as how to control your weight, how to eliminate craving and emotional eating, eventually helping you achieve stunning results you will be proud of.

I’ve always been asked the question: why do diets almost fail every time? Because it shouldn’t be about just losing weight, it’s actually about creating the best nutritional style that can create effortless weight loss that lasts, this will help you not only lose weight, but also maintain that loss and lead a healthy balanced lifestyle that will keep you there.

The one thing that you won’t find in our clinics is ready-made diet templates. Remember: a diet that suits your friend doesn’t necessarily suit you.

Our nutrition philosophy is not only about weight loss, but achieving a whole change in your lifestyle habits, believing in yourself, and putting you on the right path to become a healthier and happier person.

In this, we utilize two main practices, our Canadian certified unique program, WOW! Weight Loss, and our reshaping techniques. Both are thoroughly explained in the upcoming sections.

Together we can, and we will, reach the balanced healthy life that you strive for… and deserve.

Get ready to embrace your new healthy lifestyle…

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