Dr. Hani Nabil

InShape started over ten years ago as a health and beauty clinic. Dr. Hani Nabil, the renowned plastic surgeon, had launched his profession back in 1997.

Dear Readers,

Good Day,

Welcome to our newly launched website. It’s a pleasure having you here. I hope you’ll find your visit to this website a warm and intimate experience as visiting any of our clinics.

More than 10 years ago, InShape started as a dream. Through years of practicing my profession as a plastic surgeon, and after treating hundreds of clients – I prefer calling my visitors clients and not “patients”- I came to the conclusion that beauty is very much a necessity rather than a luxury.

Many of us follow the saying “true beauty lies within”, which I agree is partially true, but deep down in our hearts we all -men and women alike- want to look and feel healthy, beautiful, and confident.

How many times have you dressed for a nice evening and looked in the mirror and thought: wish I lost a bit of weight in this area or that? How many times have you starred at your reflection and thought: how have I grown old so fast? Where did all that lovely hair go? How come I never got rid of those spots?

InShape started as an answer to those questions. I wanted to provide my clients with a wealth of services that would help them always stay “InShape”, physically, psychologically, and spiritually. That’s the triangle that we wanted to complete to help keep our clients lives balanced.

And this is exactly why after ten years of growth; we have become leaders in our field, as we managed to help thousands of visitors discover their hidden beauty by providing safe, swift, and stunning solutions to all their physical problems.

Today InShape provides you a wide palette of services through three specialized clinics: Cosmetic, SkinCare, and Nutrition. All within a luxurious and relaxing environment that will help you get “InShape” and regain the image of yourself that you want.

Finding beauty shouldn’t be a long journey of suffering, but rather an enjoyable discovery of one’s self. That’s our goal.

Welcome to a world of beauty and confidence… Welcome to InShape.

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