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Fat Injection


Fat Injection

A fat injection procedure transfers fat from areas in which you have excess fat, such as the outer thighs, and injects it into areas that may be lacking in volumes, such as your face, hands, breasts or buttocks.

Types of Fat Injection:

- Facial Fat Injections: 

Facial injections can be an effective way to reduce wrinkles, diminish acne scarring and regain a more youthful appearance. By injecting human fat harvested from your own body, cosmetic surgeons at InShape Clinic enhance facial fullness, fill deep creases, soften facial creases and wrinkles, and build up shallow contours.


- Hands Fat Injections:

As you age your hand skin thins, exposing the veins, tendons, and bones. At InShape Clinic, we offer Fat Transfer to the hands and it not only volumes the back of the hand and makes the tendons and bones less obvious, but also disguises the visible veins. We usually use the Fat Transfer in combination with IPL to remove sun-spots.

- Calves Fat Injections:

At InShape Clinic we perform Fat Grafting procedure by removing fat from one or more areas on the body by a syringe and a very small cannula (needle) and then; by injection, adding fat cells mixed with the client’s own stem cells to the area of the leg where volume and muscle mass is lacking. This procedure for calf augmentation produces improved balance and better proportions to the legs with permanent results and without scars.

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