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At InShape, with our more than 15 years experience, we understand the urgency of your fight against aging. We take this to another level. Here are a few reasons why we are the best to visit when you need to take some years off you:

  • Painless injection with advanced techniques
  • Resulting in a very natural look
  • All done in one session that doesn’t take a few minutes
  • No bruises
What is Botox?

The world’s most revolutionary anti-aging formula comes in the firm of the international brand Botox®. Botox® is a purified non-animal protein that, when expertly injected-non surgically into selected wrinkles around the eyes and forehead lines muscles, it improves the look of moderate-to-severe lines. Botox® works by temporarily blocking the nerve impulses to the injected muscles, thus reducing muscle activity that causes persistent lines to form on the face and neck.

Botox Injection for Hemifacial Palsy
Get Rid of the mad twitching today!
Restore Your Symmetrical Self in Minutes. No Surgery!

Hemifacial Palsy is an involuntary twitching or contraction of the facial muscles on the side of the face. It is what we call in Egypt (al Assab Al Sabae). Now at InShape we introduce the latest solution for the 7th carnial nerve, which is Botox injections. Botox is subtly injected in the damaged area and causes a muscle paralyses by blocking the electrical messages that inform the muscle to involuntary move. Visit our clinics and forget about it today!

Nefertiti Botox Lift

Now at InShape Cosmetic clinics!, enjoy our stunning Nefertiti Botox face, jaw-line, and neck lift, a very unique Botox injection technique that helps restore your neck and face not only to years younger, but also with a mystical beauty of the ancient queen.


Thread Facelift

What Is a Thread Facelift? A thread facelift is a convenient, less invasive alternative to traditional facelifts, designed for people experiencing early signs of aging, such as minor facial sagging. This innovative facelift procedure can be performed in just one or two hours, often without anesthesia. During a thread facelift, the cosmetic surgeon inserts thin threads into the face through tiny incisions made in the targeted area. These threads attach to the skin tissue and are then pulled back to lift and smooth the face. Almost immediately, treated areas will be raised slightly, eliminating sagging and giving patients a rejuvenated appearance. Because patients usually remain fully conscious during the procedure, they can approve the look of their thread lift while the surgeon

A thread facelift is a safe, convenient alternative to traditional facelift surgery. Designed to be less invasive, it can reduce sagging around the cheeks, jawline, and neck more quickly and with less risk than the conventional approach. Special threads are used during this facelift to discreetly hold repositioned skin and facial tissue in place after surgery. In a Contour ThreadLift™, clear threads are used to further minimize any traces of surgery. And while thread lifts generally produce noticeable results almost immediately and with less risk and inconvenience than more intensive procedures, thread lift costs are quite reasonable compared to traditional options

Endoscopic “Scarless” Facelift Surgery

Endoscopic “Scarless” Facelift Surgery is the latest procedure introduced @InShape. Scarless facelift is a new technique that enables us to process a facelift with the least insertion possible, leaving no scares at all, contrary to usual facelift surgeries that might take up to 2 months of swelling and scarring. Endoscopic “Scarless” Facelift focuses on uplifting the upper part of the face, removing excess fatty tissue and to reshape facial muscles and tissue that have become loose over time, giving astounding results in no time!


If you are bothered by signs of aging in your face, our facelift surgery solutions are the right answer for you. A facelift is a procedure to rejuvenate the face and give you a younger, fresher look. In cases where Thermage treatments are don’t come in handy, we use facelift techniques. The main changes that we see in the ageing face can be considered in three main areas: upper, mid, and lower face.

A facelift can improve visible signs of aging in the face and neck.


If you’d like to restore youthful fullness to your face and cheeks, enjoy plump lips, enhance shallow contours around your mouth, or soften those facial creases and wrinkles, dermal fillers may be the answer. Dermal fillers have been called “liquid facelifts” because they offer many of the benefits of a surgical facelift without the downtime. Although they can’t help with excess sagging skin, these soft tissue fillers can add more volume and provide immediate results at a lower cost than surgery. This treatment isn’t permanent, however, and must be repeated and maintained.

Why are we the best in this? Because due to its very unique reshaping features, injecting fillers needs a very delicate-almost artistic- imagination and skill. It’s all about creating a novel look. It’s all about unraveling the perfect proportions.

It’s all about you… and that’s what we do best

Platelets Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP is the latest and most comprehensive revolutionary solution utilized at InShape clinics to re-grow hair and facial rejuvenation. These stem cells help you to grow new collagen and blood vessels, repair and regenerate damaged skin, and help slow and reverse the signs of aging, in addition to hair-loss prevention, creating almost miraculous results.

Non Surgical Chin Augmentation (New)

Non Surgical Chin Augmentation is a new procedure focusing on fixing the Chin’s shape through painlessly injecting fillers into the chin area. This creates effective changes to the size, shape, and projection of the chin and can help create a stronger-looking jaw line. Through this injection we can reshape an irregular chin or strengthen a weak or recessed chin; dramatically improving overall facial balance. This is a non-surgical procedure that requires no anesthesia or surgery, meaning that you are in-and-out in minutes, but with one difference: you now have the right chin that makes you happy!

Chin Augmentation

Chin surgery, is a surgical procedure to reshape the chin either by enhancement with an implant or reduction surgery on the bone. Many times a plastic surgeon may recommend chin surgery to a patient having nose surgery in order to achieve facial proportion, as the size of the chin may magnify or minimize the perceived size of the nose. Chin surgery helps provide a harmonious balance to your facial features so that you feel better about the way you look.

Injection Rhinoplasty (New)

Get it Right, in Minutes!
Perfect Nose. No Surgery!

Injection Rhinoplasty is the latest Nose Job that you won’t find anywhere else but @InShape. Now we offer you this procedure where you will see results five minutes after we’re done! Injection Rhinoplasty is a painless procedure where the nose is injected with fillers to lift or straighten the tip of the nose, camouflage a bump, make the nose look broader or narrower, and other aesthetic solutions. This 100% safe procedure takes less than minutes and results show instantly, with no surgery, no pain, no anesthesia.

Nose Surgery (Rinoplasty)

Nose cosmetic surgery improves the appearance and proportion of your nose, enhancing facial harmony and your self confidence. Nose surgery may also correct impaired breathing caused by structural abnormalities in the nose.

Nose surgery can change:

  • Nose size, in relation to the other facial structures
  • Nose width, at the bridge
  • Nose profile, with visible humps or depressions on the bridge
  • Nasal tip, that is large or bulbous, drooping, or too upturned
  • Nostrils that are large, wide or upturned
  • Nasal asymmetry and deviation
Ear Reshaping

Ear surgery can improve the shape, position or proportion of the ear, it can also correct a defect in the ear structure that is present at birth and is apparent with development, or it can treat misshapen ears caused by injury.

Ear surgery creates a natural shape, while bringing balance and proportion to the ears and face. Correction of even minor deformities can have profound benefits to appearance and self-esteem.

Eyelid Lift

Enjoy a more alert and rejuvenated appearance in 30 minutes. Eyelid surgery improves the appearance of the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both. Go back to your day to day life in only 48 hours after a painless non-anesthetic procedure.

Eyelid surgery gives a rejuvenated appearance to the surrounding area of your eyes, giving you a more rested and alert look. The common complaints are of a hooded upper lid and a baggy lower lid; the desire is often to look more refreshed.

The eyebrows also form an integral part of the eyelid appearance, as do the position of the eyelids in relation to the eyes (including the iris) and the bones around the eyes.

All these are considered as part of an eyelid surgery, and with so many different types of treatments to the eyelids, the consultation forms an integral part of the planning process for what will be best for you.