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4D Liposculpture


4D Liposculpture, is a direct method of removing stubborn deposits of localized areas of fat. This is an advanced body sculpting technique that can give a specifically-conditioned client excellent results, a highly sculpted and athletic body shape. High Definition 4D Liposculpture, is an advanced method of contouring and sculpting the body to highlight the natural anatomical features. This creates the visual appearance of a naturally defined and toned physique.

Today InShape Clinic is prideful for being the first clinic in Egypt to introduce state of the art technology; Vaser, J-Plasma and Body Tite.

- High Definition Liposculpture:

High Definition Liposculpture is one of the most desirable and advanced method of contouring and sculpting the body to highlight the natural anatomical features of the human body, representing youth, and beauty, the procedure can be done either for a specific area or the total body depending on the case. The procedure is designed to enhance the natural curves of the body resulting in Hour Glass appearance.

- 4D Liposculpture - Six Packs (Males):

Today at InShape Clinic, you can get the six packs you have always wanted, in only a few days with the art of the newly introduced devices, and with very small incisions, doctors are able to melt the fat surrounding the muscles, and shaping them into well-defined muscles to give you instant muscular look and feel.

- 4D Liposculpture Gynecomastia & masculine look:

Commonly referred to as “Male Breasts”, but more specifically known by the medical name Gynecomastia, this condition can be the cause of great anxiety. Many clients feel self-conscious and can even socially withdraw from simple activities as a result, such as going shirtless at the beach.

At InShape Clinic male breasts are treated as a day procedure using the best technology devices to efficiently remove the glandular and fat tissue. Clients are given a light sedation and a tiny 0.5 cm incision is made, then local anesthesia is used to numb the area around the chest. After the area is numb, Vaser, J Plasma & Body Tite Technology is used to separate fat cells from fibrous tissues. During the procedure, the gland is also surgically removed along with the excess fat.


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